Haryana Cashless Consolidation Portal (HCCP)

In line with the Digital India initiation of Government of India for promoting digital payments & moving towards cashless society, Government of Haryana started working towards achieving the same.However, to achieve the desired results and less cash society, it is most important to monitor the progress of different modes of digital payment transactions.

After demonitization, a sudden rise in the cashless transactions was anticipated but due to non-availability of information of cashless transactions happening at different touch points and in multiple modes, it was impossible to estimate the quantum of digital transactions happening across Haryana.

Keeping it in view, an initiative was envisaged and an integrated monitoring tool has been created to monitor the progress and penetration of different modes of digital payment transations in the form of Haryana Cashless Consolidation Portal (HCCP).

Digital Payment Methods

  • Banking Cards

    Banking Cards

  • USSD


  • Adhar Card


  • UPI

  • Mobile Wallets

  • Banks Pre-paid Cards

  • Point of Sale

  • Internet Banking

  • Mobile Banking

  • Micro ATMs